21 September 2017 Edwin van Ens

World Dairy Expo 2017 and summer updates

World Dairy Expo 2017

This year it will be the 3rd year that Dairy Applications will exhibit at the World Dairy Expo in Madison, WI. The first year we did only have a design of our software, last year we had a working application in the latest development stage. Now we are very proud to have clients in the USA and the Netherlands, and we are ready to help you improve your feeding process with our Dairy Applications TMR system.

We are currently developing new functions in our system to have more accurate reporting, a much better insight in cost reporting. Next, to that, there will be improvements in the day to day using of our TMR feed management system. It will be easier to update ingredients and rations. The Wifi connectivity is much more stable on the farm and many more small improvements to enhance the user experience.

Please visit our booth EH 4431 from Oct 3 -7 at the World Dairy Expo in Madison Wisconsin the USA.
Corry, the wife of Onno, will join the exhibit team this year, so it will not only be boys this year at our booth.

Summer update

From July 18 – 24 Onno was in the USA to visit some clients prospects and Post Equipment who will be helping us with the distribution of our system in the USA.

The most important reason to come to the USA was the open day July 22 at Sunrise Dairy, which was our launching customer in the USA over a year ago.
We had a fantastic day at the farm of the Andringa’s with many farmers and neighbors visiting the farm to look at the new setup with Milking Robots of Lely. At the same time, we took the opportunity to explain our Total Mixed Ration feeding system to many interested farmers and nutritionists.

So we would like to thank Sietse Andringa and his whole family and staff for this wonderful day and the opportunity to be a part of the event.

The rest of the summer

A large part of the season Edwin was in South Dakota and met many new farmers to show our system. He also installed two new wifi weigh boxes on the farm of a new client. This farmer uses two TMR mixers to feed the cattle. The Dairy Applications system is now used to have a better insight in the feed intake and the feed efficiency. In the pictures, you see some examples of our connected Wi-Fi weight box to the existing scale head.

Have a meeting at the expo or the week after.

After the World Dairy Expo, we will be in the USA another week in the Wisconsin and South Dakota region. So when you would like to meet up let us know, and we will schedule an appointment.

Thanks and hopefully we will see each other early next month at the World Dairy Expo.

Edwin & Onno

TMR feed management system from the Netherlands

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