11 November 2016 Edwin van Ens

The best TMR Feed Management solution for dairy farmers!

From October 4-8 we have exhibited at the World Dairy Expo in Madison to show the Dairy Applications TMR Feed Management application. This year we had many visitors from next year and a lot of new visitors. We were able to show the almost finished application at the expo and had very enthusiastic reactions from farmers and suppliers.
Dairy Applications TMF Feed Management System the founders Edwin and Onno

During the Expo, we gave over a hundred demo’s showing the web-portal, which is the heart of the system to manage your farm and the Dairy Applications TMR App which is used to manage the feeding process in the barns when mixing the rations for the cows.

The highlights of our feed management system which we showed at the expo are below.


  • Manage your feeding process, ration recipes online from the cloud everywhere;
  • Steer your feeding process and get the right management information;
  • Import the milk data to link with the feeding data to calculate the feed efficiency;
  • Import the cows and pen/section numbers from the cow management system to manage the feeding with the current cow location;
  • Manage the users and share information with advisors and nutritionists;
  • Great management information to manage the feeding cycle and link feeding to the milk results.

This screen shot is in English, but the Dutch language is available and Spanish is coming soon.


Mobile App:

  • Wireless connection with TMR mixer, Weighbridge and Feed Dispenser Wagon;
  • TMR app replaces the feed sheets;
  • Feeder monitoring and improvement;
  • Works with Android or Apple phones or tablets. You use modern technology without investing in dedicated expensive TMR hardware.

Dairy Applications TMR Feed System Management App

Improve Feed Efficiency:

  • Higher Feed Efficiency due to more accurate feeding and measuring the result both in milk as in feed;
  • Pre-Mixes;
  • Left over as ingredient for other ration recipes.

Excellent Reports:

  • Understandable reports for feed efficiency, feeding, feeder accuracy, DM intake, Left Overs etc.
  • Automatic reports in your e-mail;
  • Sharing reports with nutritionists or other advisors.

Lifetime updates:

  • One monthly or yearly subscriptions fee, no additional costs for updates or support;
  • No investments in software or  service costs;
  • Always up to date, you will always have the latest version of the software. All system improvements will be there for all users at no additional cost;
  • You can stop every month so we have the eagerness to service you very well.

There is much more to tell, so do not hesitate to e-mail or call  us and ask for a demo or a quote. The first 50 offer is still valid for a limited time until December 30, 2016!


TMR feed management system from the Netherlands

Large or small we have a TMR feed management solution for your farm.