3 July 2015 Edwin van Ens

We are going to the USA to exhibit at the World Dairy Expo.

When you are introducing a new service or product to the market, you have to decide wat you will do to inform dairy farmers about our great TMR feeding software product. It is new, we are different than our competitors, there is only a limited budget but we are so enthusiastic about it!!

Edwin and myself decided that we would like to go to an exhibition  to do our market launch and to let the dairy farmers know that there is an farmer focused alternative for TMR feed management systems. What better place you can go to than to the largest dairy expo in the world: The World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin USA.

The expo is from September 29th until October 3, 2015 and we have a booth in the Exhibition Hall number EH 4431.

So we can finally meet in person there.

Please let us know if you would like to schedule a meeting or a demo.

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