24 December 2015 Edwin van Ens

Update – first release

Update – first release

Happy Christmas

We hope you have a good time with family and friends.

We have good news. We passed the first phase of the deployment of the application. The first services are kicking and alive. That means that in the following weeks the other services will be implemented.

Why is this good news? The Feed Management Applications is a program which is running online. The art of the development is that when you start the application, all services will communicate with each other and gives you the right information on the screen. With the first services we see that it possible to give every user is own environment for the Feed Management on his farm. The possibilities are endless, but in our first release we are focusing on Feed management.All the users and security functionalities are already running, so we looking forward to the other services.

In January we will connect our first users, for now we can enjoy Christmas with our families. We like to give you a next update in the beginning of January.

With regards,

Edwin and Onno

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