19 February 2015 Edwin van Ens

Marketing Materials

When you are setting up a new company there are a lot of challenges.

Currently we are working hard on developing the Freddy Feed management software for Apple iOS Android, and as web application for different web browsers, such as Safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc. We are already busy for a while and finally there are some programmers actually developing and coding the Freddy Feed-management application.

For me, the current challenge is to develop Freddy as a complete product which can be bought by the dairy farmer. You can think for example of this website which is under development, so we can inform you as a potential customer about Freddy Feed management and also about who we are as Dairy Applications. Other challenges include the organization of customer support, please call Edwin;-). Determining the subscription and the associated costs, the organization of the administration, setting up accounting and much more.

Last week I’ve been busy with the website, among others, and especially with our first ‘brochure’. Well it has become an A4 sheet that we can hand out here and there. Edwin has a number of contacts who could use something on paper. The results are great! I therefore share our flyer also on this blog.

It is in Dutch for the moment, but if you have comments or questions please let us know!

Have a nice day!



The link to our Dutch Brochure:

DairyApplications A4 februari 2015

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