Frequently Asked Questions


Currently we only support Android, you can download our app at the Google Play store. 
Yes, when you would like to work with our TMR solution you need to connect our Wi-Fi box to your weight bars to read the weight in your mobile.
No you can leave your existing weight indicator on your feed mixer.
No you do not need an internet connections to manage the feeding. Only once a day you have to connect your mobile device to the internet to synchronise with the web-portal and to update all the recipes and feeding data. 


Yes, you can manage your farm, your cows, ingredients and rations in the web-portal. The mobile app is used to manage the feeding.
Yes you can manage your farm on a tablet when you have an internet connection and using a normal webbrowser of your tablet or phone to go to the web-portal of your farm.

TMR feed management system from the Netherlands

Large or small we have a TMR feed management solution for your farm.