28 May 2015 Edwin van Ens

Dairy Applications first exhibit.

Currently we are in the start-up phase of developing our TMR service Freddy. The software is almost ready for the first beta release. The latest developments are currently incorporated in Freddy to make sure that we are ready to test. The coming period we will be actually live testing with our first dairy farmers in the pilot phase.

Next to testing we will exhibit in Fryslan. Please check the website from Mulder Agro for all the details and come and visit us June 12 and 13 in Kollumerzwaag.

The exhibition is called the Soil Experience Days (in Dutch ‘de BodembeLEEFdagen’); everything for responsible use of the limited part of the earth witch can be used to produce and farm. Responsible use of the soil results in a good sustainable feed quality for the Dairy Sector and better results. Since we service the dairy farmers, we thought it is time to meet.
We hope to see you June 12 or 13!

Edwin en Onno

Foarwei 45
9298 JC Kollumerzwaag
The Netherlands

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