13 June 2017 Edwin van Ens

Dairy Application on tour ….

We are on our way …..

June 2017

It has been a while when we have sent our last newsletter, so we would like to give you a short update.

From May 11-18 we made a business trip to the United States, we visited farmers and advisors in South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota, and Virginia. The goal was to meet our customers, pilot farmers and a couple of new clients. We had good meetings with dairy farmers and nutritionists who use our product and gave valuable feedback.

TMR Feeding Dairy Applications

Let’s be clear….
We have experience in what we do, but we are new in the market. We use new and more modern technology, we have a subscription model which limits initial investments, and our goal is to support you to grow your business efficiently by giving more insight in the feeding process. We learn a lot from our clients and test farmers and are constantly looking for improvements in our system.

That’s why….
We started to initiate a new release with our development team.
The handling of the leftovers will be more flexible on request of the farmers using the system. In the app, you can weight leftovers when you collect them, but it will soon also be possible to estimate the weight of the leftovers when you are using them to feed to another feed group.
We will build new reports to have more insight into the cost of feeding per group, ingredient and the total herd.
We are improving the feed reports based on the feedback, making sure that you can use them to steer the feeding process and to manage your feeders.

We are on our way …..
We like to stay in contact with all kinds of tools like mobile phones/internet/social media, but also personal. In July we will visit the US again; from October 3-7 you are welcome at our booth 4431 on the Dairy Expo te Madison. We will be there for our 3rd year; the time is flying.

We can connect you!
Last but not least, we can always welcome new customers. So when you are interested in using our TMR feed management system, just let us now.

Thanks for subscribing our newsletter.

We keep you posted.


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