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Update – first release

Update – first release

Happy Christmas

We hope you have a good time with family and friends.

We have good news. We passed the first phase of the deployment of the application. The first services are kicking and alive. That means that in the following weeks the other services will be implemented.

Why is this good news? The Feed Management Applications is a program which is running online. The art of the development is that when you start the application, all services will communicate with each other and gives you the right information on the screen. With the first services we see that it possible to give every user is own environment for the Feed Management on his farm. The possibilities are endless, but in our first release we are focusing on Feed management.All the users and security functionalities are already running, so we looking forward to the other services.

In January we will connect our first users, for now we can enjoy Christmas with our families. We like to give you a next update in the beginning of January.

With regards,

Edwin and Onno

Successful exhibit Dairy Applications at World Dairy Expo 2015 Madison, WI

Last week we had a very successful exhibition in Madison at the World Dairy Expo 2015. There was a lot of intrest for our Dairy Applications TMR feed management software solution. Manu US farmers, suppliers and feed mixer wagon producers are interested in our solution and what it could bring to the farmer.

You can download our presentation below.

Dairy Applications TMR Feedmanagement System World Dairy Expo 2015

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Feed efficiency underestimated by dairy farmers.

An interesting article in Dutch regarding the feed efficiency based on research of the magazine Boerderij. Dairy farmers underestimate the loss per cow. Most estimate that they loose € 51 per cow but in reality they loose approximately € 216 per cow. The Dairy Applications solution can help you to measure and improve the feed efficiency. For a Dairy Farm with approx. 500 cows this can help de Dairy Farmer save over € 100.000 or $ 120,000 on a yearly basis. That is what we call a saving!

For the article (in Dutch) see: melkvee100plus.

Voerefficientie, melkvee 100 plus, TMR

We are going to the USA to exhibit at the World Dairy Expo.

When you are introducing a new service or product to the market, you have to decide wat you will do to inform dairy farmers about our great TMR feeding software product. It is new, we are different than our competitors, there is only a limited budget but we are so enthusiastic about it!!

Edwin and myself decided that we would like to go to an exhibition  to do our market launch and to let the dairy farmers know that there is an farmer focused alternative for TMR feed management systems. What better place you can go to than to the largest dairy expo in the world: The World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin USA.

The expo is from September 29th until October 3, 2015 and we have a booth in the Exhibition Hall number EH 4431.

So we can finally meet in person there.

Please let us know if you would like to schedule a meeting or a demo.

Dairy Applications first exhibit.

Currently we are in the start-up phase of developing our TMR service Freddy. The software is almost ready for the first beta release. The latest developments are currently incorporated in Freddy to make sure that we are ready to test. The coming period we will be actually live testing with our first dairy farmers in the pilot phase.

Next to testing we will exhibit in Fryslan. Please check the website from Mulder Agro for all the details and come and visit us June 12 and 13 in Kollumerzwaag.

The exhibition is called the Soil Experience Days (in Dutch ‘de BodembeLEEFdagen’); everything for responsible use of the limited part of the earth witch can be used to produce and farm. Responsible use of the soil results in a good sustainable feed quality for the Dairy Sector and better results. Since we service the dairy farmers, we thought it is time to meet.
We hope to see you June 12 or 13!

Edwin en Onno

Foarwei 45
9298 JC Kollumerzwaag
The Netherlands

Marketing Materials

When you are setting up a new company there are a lot of challenges.

Currently we are working hard on developing the Freddy Feed management software for Apple iOS Android, and as web application for different web browsers, such as Safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc. We are already busy for a while and finally there are some programmers actually developing and coding the Freddy Feed-management application.

For me, the current challenge is to develop Freddy as a complete product which can be bought by the dairy farmer. You can think for example of this website which is under development, so we can inform you as a potential customer about Freddy Feed management and also about who we are as Dairy Applications. Other challenges include the organization of customer support, please call Edwin;-). Determining the subscription and the associated costs, the organization of the administration, setting up accounting and much more.

Last week I’ve been busy with the website, among others, and especially with our first ‘brochure’. Well it has become an A4 sheet that we can hand out here and there. Edwin has a number of contacts who could use something on paper. The results are great! I therefore share our flyer also on this blog.

It is in Dutch for the moment, but if you have comments or questions please let us know!

Have a nice day!


The link to our Dutch Brochure:

DairyApplications A4 februari 2015

Dairy Applications officially established!

Tomorrow we go to the notary to establish the company. We have been for quite some time working on the development of Freddy our feed management solution for the dairy farmer. Now we create tomorrow’s actual business and register with the chamber of commerce. This is obviously a milestone for our company. In the course of next week we will start with our developers to program actually go system. Keep an eye on the blog for more information.

TMR feed management system from the Netherlands

Large or small we have a TMR feed management solution for your farm.