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We had a good time in on the Dairy Expo in Sioux Falls

We had a lot of fun on the Central Plain Dairy Expo; unexpected visitors in our booth #485.

And also our support in South Dakota was visiting the booth. When I am at home in the Netherlands, we can call him for support when local support is needed.

It was good to stay in Sioux Falls; we met new people, interesting conversation and also new costumers coming. It keeps us busy. Thanks!



With regards,

Edwin van Ens
Dairy Applications

Central Plains Dairy Expo and New release !

Central Plains Dairy Expo

We are coming to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. From March 27 – 29th we will be at the Central Plains Dairy Expo.
You’ll find us there in the Arena Booth #485. Check the schedule here. When you plan to visit the Expo, please stop by at our booth, we hare happy to meet you.

New release of the web portal and app


Another thing we like to announce is our second big release; thanks for all the feedback we’d received on our first release, we improved the web portal and made more information available.

We made a big improvement in our report; you are able to see a report of product group, sections and even per feeding cycle and batch. All these options are not only possible based on weight, but also by costs.

A lot of new functionalitties are build; we like to explain on our booth on the Central Plain Dairy Expo.

We can give you a demonstration of our system to show you and help you with your feed management on the Dairy. So step by!

Keep you posted and updated.

World Dairy Expo 2017 and summer updates

World Dairy Expo 2017

This year it will be the 3rd year that Dairy Applications will exhibit at the World Dairy Expo in Madison, WI. The first year we did only have a design of our software, last year we had a working application in the latest development stage. Now we are very proud to have clients in the USA and the Netherlands, and we are ready to help you improve your feeding process with our Dairy Applications TMR system.

We are currently developing new functions in our system to have more accurate reporting, a much better insight in cost reporting. Next, to that, there will be improvements in the day to day using of our TMR feed management system. It will be easier to update ingredients and rations. The Wifi connectivity is much more stable on the farm and many more small improvements to enhance the user experience.

Please visit our booth EH 4431 from Oct 3 -7 at the World Dairy Expo in Madison Wisconsin the USA.
Corry, the wife of Onno, will join the exhibit team this year, so it will not only be boys this year at our booth.

Summer update

From July 18 – 24 Onno was in the USA to visit some clients prospects and Post Equipment who will be helping us with the distribution of our system in the USA.

The most important reason to come to the USA was the open day July 22 at Sunrise Dairy, which was our launching customer in the USA over a year ago.
We had a fantastic day at the farm of the Andringa’s with many farmers and neighbors visiting the farm to look at the new setup with Milking Robots of Lely. At the same time, we took the opportunity to explain our Total Mixed Ration feeding system to many interested farmers and nutritionists.

So we would like to thank Sietse Andringa and his whole family and staff for this wonderful day and the opportunity to be a part of the event.

The rest of the summer

A large part of the season Edwin was in South Dakota and met many new farmers to show our system. He also installed two new wifi weigh boxes on the farm of a new client. This farmer uses two TMR mixers to feed the cattle. The Dairy Applications system is now used to have a better insight in the feed intake and the feed efficiency. In the pictures, you see some examples of our connected Wi-Fi weight box to the existing scale head.

Have a meeting at the expo or the week after.

After the World Dairy Expo, we will be in the USA another week in the Wisconsin and South Dakota region. So when you would like to meet up let us know, and we will schedule an appointment.

Thanks and hopefully we will see each other early next month at the World Dairy Expo.

Edwin & Onno

Dairy Application on tour ….

We are on our way …..

June 2017

It has been a while when we have sent our last newsletter, so we would like to give you a short update.

From May 11-18 we made a business trip to the United States, we visited farmers and advisors in South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota, and Virginia. The goal was to meet our customers, pilot farmers and a couple of new clients. We had good meetings with dairy farmers and nutritionists who use our product and gave valuable feedback.

TMR Feeding Dairy Applications

Let’s be clear….
We have experience in what we do, but we are new in the market. We use new and more modern technology, we have a subscription model which limits initial investments, and our goal is to support you to grow your business efficiently by giving more insight in the feeding process. We learn a lot from our clients and test farmers and are constantly looking for improvements in our system.

That’s why….
We started to initiate a new release with our development team.
The handling of the leftovers will be more flexible on request of the farmers using the system. In the app, you can weight leftovers when you collect them, but it will soon also be possible to estimate the weight of the leftovers when you are using them to feed to another feed group.
We will build new reports to have more insight into the cost of feeding per group, ingredient and the total herd.
We are improving the feed reports based on the feedback, making sure that you can use them to steer the feeding process and to manage your feeders.

We are on our way …..
We like to stay in contact with all kinds of tools like mobile phones/internet/social media, but also personal. In July we will visit the US again; from October 3-7 you are welcome at our booth 4431 on the Dairy Expo te Madison. We will be there for our 3rd year; the time is flying.

We can connect you!
Last but not least, we can always welcome new customers. So when you are interested in using our TMR feed management system, just let us now.

Thanks for subscribing our newsletter.

We keep you posted.


Dairy Applications TMR App released in Google Play store.

Dairy applications TMR system web portal.

From today we have released our Dairy Applications TMR App in the Google Play store. So it is now possible to download the app and to register on our website an account. In this way, you can register your farm on our web portal and look at our app. When you would like to feed on your Dairy with our system, you need a Wi-Fi connection and a subscription to our system. We like to set up your farm for you, just drop us an e-mail, and we will go from there.

To go to the Dairy Applications TMR web portal to register your farm you can follow this link. Click on the green link “New to Dairy Applications? Sign Up!”.

Last days for our first 50 offer!
At the World Dairy Expo, we had a first 50 offer to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the expo. This offer is still valid for a limited time until December 30, 2016, and gives you over 60% of discount on your first yearly subscription which includes a Wi-Fi box to connect with your feed mixer wagon. So don’t wait and contact us now!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Last but not least we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. We are looking forward to talking to you and meet you in 2017!



The best TMR Feed Management solution for dairy farmers!

From October 4-8 we have exhibited at the World Dairy Expo in Madison to show the Dairy Applications TMR Feed Management application. This year we had many visitors from next year and a lot of new visitors. We were able to show the almost finished application at the expo and had very enthusiastic reactions from farmers and suppliers.
Dairy Applications TMF Feed Management System the founders Edwin and Onno

During the Expo, we gave over a hundred demo’s showing the web-portal, which is the heart of the system to manage your farm and the Dairy Applications TMR App which is used to manage the feeding process in the barns when mixing the rations for the cows.

The highlights of our feed management system which we showed at the expo are below.


  • Manage your feeding process, ration recipes online from the cloud everywhere;
  • Steer your feeding process and get the right management information;
  • Import the milk data to link with the feeding data to calculate the feed efficiency;
  • Import the cows and pen/section numbers from the cow management system to manage the feeding with the current cow location;
  • Manage the users and share information with advisors and nutritionists;
  • Great management information to manage the feeding cycle and link feeding to the milk results.

This screen shot is in English, but the Dutch language is available and Spanish is coming soon.


Mobile App:

  • Wireless connection with TMR mixer, Weighbridge and Feed Dispenser Wagon;
  • TMR app replaces the feed sheets;
  • Feeder monitoring and improvement;
  • Works with Android or Apple phones or tablets. You use modern technology without investing in dedicated expensive TMR hardware.

Dairy Applications TMR Feed System Management App

Improve Feed Efficiency:

  • Higher Feed Efficiency due to more accurate feeding and measuring the result both in milk as in feed;
  • Pre-Mixes;
  • Left over as ingredient for other ration recipes.

Excellent Reports:

  • Understandable reports for feed efficiency, feeding, feeder accuracy, DM intake, Left Overs etc.
  • Automatic reports in your e-mail;
  • Sharing reports with nutritionists or other advisors.

Lifetime updates:

  • One monthly or yearly subscriptions fee, no additional costs for updates or support;
  • No investments in software or  service costs;
  • Always up to date, you will always have the latest version of the software. All system improvements will be there for all users at no additional cost;
  • You can stop every month so we have the eagerness to service you very well.

There is much more to tell, so do not hesitate to e-mail or call  us and ask for a demo or a quote. The first 50 offer is still valid for a limited time until December 30, 2016!


Dairy Applications wins test at Rabobank UX center!

We are proud that we have won the competition for a testing day at the Rabobank UX center (user experience center) at the Rabobank headquarters in Utrecht.

We will be able to test our Dairy Applications TMR feed management applications with large Dutch dairy farmers using the experience of the Rabobank UX center interaction specialists. This will help us a lot to build an even better TMR feed management solution.

Rabobank UX Center Utrecht Holland

For more information see: News (in Dutch) on the Rabobank website.


Last Tuesday we had a meeting with the Rabobank UX center experts to decide what would be the most beneficial to test. We will focus on the user experience and reporting when the dairy farmers are using our web portal dashboard to control the TMR  feeding process on the farm and to see if we can improve on reporting and user friendly ness or our solution. The user experience tests will able us to have a much better insight on how a dairy farmer interact with our solution and due to eye tracking technology you could see if the information and buttons are on a logical place on the screens. As a part of the research the user experience experts will interview the dairy farmers to be able to give us valuable feedback to improve our software and more important to improve the user experience.

At the moment we are preparing for the World Dairy Expo in Madison USA booth EH 4431 please feel free to visit us there and experience our application by yourself. You can e-mail us at to setup an appointment or just visit our booth.

The actual tests in the Rabobank UX center will be end of this year. We will keep you updated and hope to see you in the meantime in Madison.

New Development Team

The last few months were a challenge for us at the Dairy Applications headquarters in Garyp. Our development team was not delivering the solutions up to our standards. So we had to make a tough decision to change the whole development team. Which you can imagine is quit a challenge.

We believe that this decision is the right one to move forward and to make sure that we will have a fantastic TMR feed management solution to support the dairy farmer in managing and improving their rations. It is all about ‘More Milk Less Costs‘.

The new team will start next week and we will be ready to give a demo at the 50th World Dairy Expo in Madison from October 4-8, 2016.

We will see you in Madison!

TMR feed management system from the Netherlands

Large or small we have a TMR feed management solution for your farm.