As some of you already know, Dairy Applications works with Fred. For the rest of you, who don’t know Fred, sit back and let us introduce you to your new best friend!

Fred is your mentor during the usage of the feed management system of Dairy Applications. He guides you all the way through the app. His name stands for “Feed Registration Dairy farms”.

But how does Fred actually work? And how can he help you? Let us explain the process in only four steps.

While you are loading all your ingredients into the feed mixer, the app on your mobile device shows the amount of the ingredient that needs to be loaded.
The same process applies during feeding; Dairy Applications fills in all the details about the barns and feeding groups you have, and you fill in the specific recipe you feed them on your personal website.
When you are in possession of a weighing bridge, the TMR system can register all your feed components that you have purchased/harvested. This way you can compare bills of your suppliers with actually supplied feed, but also update all of your stock positions. Meaning, you always know how much inventory you have left.
After the feeding process reports are being drawn up. You choose if you want to receive these in your mailbox or on your personal dashboard. The most important data is shown in an easy to understand and clear report. Extra data can be added, such as milk data. This we can combine with the feed data and then determine the feed efficiency.

That’s it. Fred does the work for you! More milk, less costs. That’s why!

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