Dairy Applications is gaining more followers and getting in touch with more people all over the world. Therefore, we would like you to introduce you to the face behind this whole concept and the company itself. In this article the owner and founder of the company Dairy Applications will be introduced to all of you!

Edwin van Ens, a Friesian from Drenthe, the Netherlands, with a lot of family members and friends in the dairy sector. He has a technical background and extensive management experience in the social sector. During his holidays with family in the United States, he discovered that the feeding process on dairy farms had become an outdated process and that something must be done.

Together with his family Edwin lives in the north-eastern part of Friesland. His interest in the agricultural grew while spending time with his family in the US, who own a dairy farm, as well as with his friends from the dairy sector. Besides the interest in the agricultural sector Edwin is also a very active man, a sporty man, and is always willing to help people and to find a solution for different kinds of problems.

That is why he came up with the idea of developing a system, that helps the farmer with this process by software support and the efficient and better weighing of the feed-mix and the feed costs in relation to the final milk yield. And so arose Fred…

Edwin is convinced that the software should help the farmer (and not the other way around). So, simplicity, easy to use and clear reports needed to be key. This results in a happy farmer, who is able to make the right choices for his farm, with a little help from Fred!