Feed efficiency from
Dutch soil

All control
through the app

Optimal blend
of all the ingredients

Exact dosage
during feeding

Accurate reporting
of the entire process

Dairy Applications develops software for agricultural companies. Software must be simple and easy to use. Dairy Applications makes software based on user demand and input. This way the daily practice on the farm and contemporary technology form the product together. Not from thoughts behind a desk, but from real practice. 

Easy to use, but fully equipped. 

With the software from Dairy Applications you help your company to reach a higher lever. You need knowledge and insight into the processes at your company, in order to be able to steer it in the right direction. The software provides a simple overview, for you and the professionals who are also involved in your company. 

TMR feedmanagement: Fred

May we introduce you to Fred? Fred stands for  Feed REgistration Dairy farms”.  Fred is the software solution for the feedmanagement on a dairy farm, with which the stocks of all ingredients are entered and kept up to date. This results in a good overview of the quantities of the feed at your farm. In other words; Fred ensures that you can manage your feed and therefore your results in milk and yields.

Precise and accurate feeding with an app

Step by step feeding with you mobile phone or tablet in the tractor. The app is connected to the weighing device of the feed mixer, so that you know exactly how much you need of a certain ingredient and the quantity of how much you ultimately have fed is kept up to date. This way you can feed your rations without any notes and your results will be tracked immediately and you will have insight into everything. 

All results are automatically visible

When all cows are fed, all data is automatically synchronized with the web portal. Results are immediately visible. 


    1. Has the process been implemented carefully? 
    2. Which ingredients are good, used too much or too little?
    3. Are all the rations made? Which quantities, totals, but also dry matter per cow, per group.
    When the milk data is available, via Uniform Agri, EDI or otherwise, the feed efficiency is also visible. And this makes the circle complete. 


The reports can be shown in either a graph or a table. Set to your own preference.

Here you can see at a glance the quantities (total and per cow), accuracy, summaries, dry matter per cow, residual feed reporting and feed efficiency. 

After each feeding cycle a customized e-mail report with the most important key figures can be set up. 


More milk, less costs

Performing advised rations provides insight into what works and what doesn’t.

Constant feeding of the dairy cattle gives greater predictability, with the results that a cow will give more milk, as well as more constant milk. 

Grip on the costs; change the ration to a good composition and cost-effective purchasing. 



After the purchase and installation process, you pay for a monthly or annual subscription. This includes all updates!

Does a fellow dairy farmer have a good idea and it is processed in the software? Then you also reap the benefits.

Your contribution to software improvement also benefits your colleagues. Together we make the product!


No investment

There is no purchase price, this falls under the category running costs, just like the subscription fees. 

This includes:

the first purchase of the weighing amplifier for your feed mixer

Full use of the web portal and all functionalities

Both on-site support and remote support are included in the purchase  price.

How does Fred work?


When you load the ingredients into the feed mixer, the app on your mobile phone helps. On the screen the amount of the feeding ingredient that needs to be loaded can be seen.


While feeding the cows, the app shows the same process; the whole feeding process is followed and registered until the feeding is done. Dairy Applications fills in all the details about your barns and feeding groups, you fill in your recipes on a personal and secured website. This can be updated from every computer that is connected to the internet. After that, the recepices are automaticcaly enterd in your feedmanagement app on your Android or Apple device. And that’s it!


If you have a weighbridge, the TMR system can register all feed components that you have purchased or harvested. This allows you to compare the bill of your suppliers with actually supplied feed, but also to update all stock positions so that you have insight into the current stock of all ingredients. It is also possible to measure how accurately your feeders work, this can be useful if several people load the feed mixer.


You can determine yourself how you will receive the feed reports; automatically by email and / or on the personal webpage. We support clear reports; the most important data is in easy charts in a management dashboard. It is not necessary to read extensive reports, of course you can view all underlying data for further analysis. We can add extra data to the system; such as the milk data. With your consent we read the milk data from the milk factory and we combine this with the feed data. We can then determine the feed efficiency, including all relevant milk data. So easy? Yes, our job is to support your farm with intelligent software. You can share all recorded information and reports with your advisors or staff members. This allows your feed advisor, for example, to advise you even better about optimization of rations. Spend less time on administration, increase your milk production and keep it simple. Fred does the work for you!


The feed management program that works!

Web Portal

The registration of ingredients, rations and the feeding process is done in the webportal. This is accessible with every computer that is connected to the internet. 


The feeding is done with an app. This is available for Android and Apple devices, mobile phone and tablets. The synchronization is done automatically. This way you stay up-to-date at all times. 


The reports can be found in the web portal. After the feeding proces, all data is synchronized automatically with the web portal. Results are visible directly.


Every day, after every feeding proces, the quantities per used ingredients are re-calculated and adjusted. This way you know exactly how much you still have in stock. 


After every feeding proces an e-mail; a short review of which groups have been fed and with which accuracy.


Updates are automatically offered and processed. During the use of the app this is not noticable. You do receive a message when an update is due and which functionalities will be updated. 

Who are we?

Dairy Applications is an international company and because of its design able to deliver worldwide suppert. The headquarter of the company is based in the Netherlands, but has also a physical department in the United States of America (South Dakota).

The founder

Edwin van Ens, a Friesian from Drenthe, the Netherlands, with a lot of family members and friends in the dairy sector. He has a technical background and  extensive management experience in the social sector. During his holidays with family in the United States, he discovered that the feeding proces on dairy farms had become an outdated proces and that something must be done.

That is why he came up with the idea of develop a system, that helps the farmer with this proces by software support and the efficient and better weighing of the feed-mix and the feed costs in relation to the final milk yield. And so arose Fred…

Edwin is convinced that de software should help the farmer (and not the other way around). So, simplicity, easy to use and clear reports needed to be key. This results in a happy farmer, who is able to make the right choices for his farm, with a little help from Fred! 


Want to meet Fred?

Contact us if you need a good feed management system. You can also always ask questions or make an appointment to get acquainted. We would be happy to visit you to see if and what possibilities Fred offers you in the feed management of your company. Call whenever you want. If we are not there, send an e-mail message or a text-message.