The Total Mix Ration system for the dairy farmer.

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Improve your feed efficiency and milk production!
TMR Solution How it works

The Dutch TMR Feed Management Solution

Improve Feed Efficiency

Total Mix Ration tracking, improve feed efficiency, optimize ration management and feed intake, control and analyse your own feed data

More Milk

Reduce feed waste, measure operator efficiency, track income over feed price, save up to 7% on feed cost for every pound or kilo milk.

Lifetime Updates

Monthly or yearly subscription, always up to date, no investments in software or service cost, cancel subscriptions on a monthly basis.

Excellent Reporting

Understandable reports for feed efficiency, automatic in your e-mail box, customized reporting.


How it works

When you are loading your ingredients in the Feed Mixer Wagon, your mobile phone helps you. Your screen tells you how much from each ingredient you need to load.
When you are feeding the cows; you’ll be navigated through the whole process until your feeding is done. You have to fill in your cow groups and recipe’s on a secured personal webpage from Dairy Applications. This is possible on every computer connected to the internet. When you’ve done this the recipe will automatically be uploaded to your mobile phone or tablet which you are using for the feeding process. That’s all.
If you have a weigh bridge the system could also weigh and register all food ingredients which are bought or harvested. To check if the weights and supplier bills are correct and to keep track of stock, which can be managed by the software as well. Other possibilities are the tracking of operator efficiency if more than one person is loading the feed mixer wagon.
You can choose the way you like your report; automatically per email or on your personal webpage. We support clear reporting; we will put your most important data in a graph. You don’t need to read a whole report, you just see it when you open it. When you provide extra data, for example milk data, we process this in our TMR system and reporting. With your permission we collect your data from the milk factory and link this with your feed data. This will show your feed efficiency, including all the characteristics.

That simple? Yes, our business is to support your farm with intelligent software. You can share your information with your team or advisors. So your feed advisor can serve you even better. Keep it simple and spend less time on admin.



Our Service

Web Based Control

Can make cow feeding much easier and with our web based manager you can now create feed recipies even faster.  Your nutritionist can add recipes, manage the nutritionist values and adapt the feed based on the facts and reporting.

Feed Efficiency

Feed Efficiency by tracking ingredients and ration chemistries, pre-mix rations, multiple recipies depending on the milk cycle or cattle need.

Paper less

Eliminate feedsheets, Feeder works with Android handhelds phone or tablet, Farmer works manages proces through a webportal

Cost Efficient

Cutting cost by efficient feeding and measuring of process! You pay a monthly fee, updates and support included!

Optimal Process

You can create as many feeding sections (barns) as you like, with or without specific rations, it’s up to you! The system does not limit the number of Feed Mixers or Feed Wagons.

Farmer Centric

The software gives you the freedom to operate individually. Easily change number of cows, ration recepies, number of barns and much more without the need to change your way of working.

Benchmark (Coming Soon)

The software provides the tools to benchmark your feed efficiency, feed cost and milk production with other farmers. You could even cooperate to buy food ingredients based on the system.


Nutritionists can login to the system to see results and manage recipes. Nutritionists could also manage multiple recipes for multiple farmers.


We consider support as important as our software development. If you need help, get all of your questions answered quickly with exclusive access to our dedicated support forum. If your server connection fails your mobile device remembers the rations of the last feeding cycle, so it will not stop the feeding process


Web and Mobile

TMR Feeding mobile app and dashboard



About us




We believe in a diverse range of personel to bring creative skills, knowledge, thoughts, and ideas to the table.

The goal here at Dairy Applications has always been to support
the dairy farmer to optimize his farm. Building on our
experience, talent, skills and core values has made this
company to start its business.

Each member of the Dairy Applications team puts their heart and
soul into all that we do… and it shows! We genuinely care
about the success of each of our customers. If we can assist you
please let us know.

Edwin van Ens

Edwin van Ens

Founder - Development and Customer Service View Details
Danniel Kruger

Danniel Kruger

Customer Implementation View Details
Edwin van Ens

Edwin van Ens

Founder - Development and Customer Service

Edwin van Ens lives in Garyp has many relatives in the dairy industry, a technical background and extensive management experience.
During holidays with family dairy farms in the United States, he discovered that mixing feed on-farm is an outdated process. He then devised a system which the farmer will help with this process by software support and the efficient and better measurement of the feed mix and feed costs in relation to the final milk yield.
Edwin’s goal is to make it easier for the farmer to run as efficiently as possible, the staff to control and to come to feed maximize milk yield per pound.

Danniel Kruger

Danniel Kruger

Customer Implementation

Danniel has an extensive career in customer support, sales and running back offices. The role of Danny is very diverse. He is Dutch and works out of Asia, which has the benefit for Dairy Applications to give support from different time zones.



TMR feed management system from the Netherlands

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